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The Second Nature Crew

Pictured (left to right): Will Anderson, Zoe Serbin, Geoff Wong, Aaron Cheney, Isumi Lan, Drew Welch, Shin Kang, Aadit Doshi, Sam Sintz, Nathan Lim, Alex Stewart, Charlie Fu, and Rachel Emig

Not Pictured: Lori Fu, Sabrina Yam, Cynthia Zhang, Jennifer Smart, Eddie Mestre, Eva Wierzbicki, Michelle Pina, Logan Nelson, Josefina Dickinson, Yotty Kim, Tiff Tarampi, and Rebecca Genin

Our team has grown and fell in love with all sorts of platforming games from Spyro to Gex and more recent classics, like Super Meat Boy. We love the challenge and skill required to overcome the difficult puzzles and challenges these classic games offered, as well as the feeling of progression that comes with improving your skills and abilities. We wanted more than anything to create an experience that spoke to this core design philosophy, while also requiring consistent strategy and cooperation between you and a partner.

We hope you enjoy Second Nature, as much as we did making it! And for all of you old-school fans, welcome to the next evolution of the platformer.

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